Great art, made with emotion

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Our Founder

Born in Sri Lanka, educated in India, a cornucopia of cultures, Aadhitya Jayaseelan juggled between the two countries to pursue her primary education and finally set roots in Bengaluru, India. After completing her undergraduate degree in Architecture she worked as an Art Director, Design Head as a Junior Architect while moonlighting as an Art Therapist and Artist.

The mundane 9 to 5 job curbed her creative senses so she took the plunge to quit the stable job and chase her true passion

Using art as a catalyst to heal and emote one’s feelings, Kayamai is truly a labour of love.

If she is not found sketching or painting you can find her foraging for succulents to decorate her studio.

Our Story

The word Kayamai (கயமை) in ancient Tamil literature means lowness, spiteful, vengeful. The word so old, encompasses the plight of women and other marginalized communities in today’s time so well thus the name and it aims to be the voice of the unheard.
It started as simple scribbles behind a mathematics notebook and now the vision has grown into a platform that breaks the glass ceilings to discuss things that are a taboo via art and heal the human mind with art as a medium.

Kayamai is you! Kayamai is Us!

Kayamai is made up of the rebels who do not play by the rules but fight everyday for a just society.

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Our mission

We aim to Heal the human mind with art . Creating a safe zone to express , to understand and later sort them . 



We try to include people from all walks of our life to be a part of the collective movement for an equal world.



We draw inspiration from our roots and integrate it with our creative senses to address modern day setbacks and inspire the ordinary.



We are mindful of our surroundings and believe in a sustainable future before everything so we take conscious efforts to be environmentally friendly and ethical.

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